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Joy & Quality


Welcome to "Buyins" - your exclusive Japanese shopping paradise.

We focus on providing you with high-quality products that are most loved by Japanese locals, so that you can easily

experience the true "MADE IN JAPAN" at home.

Since its establishment, "Buyins" has been committed to collecting Japan's most popular products.

From traditional handicrafts to the latest technology products, from popular cosmetics to specialty snacks, we have everything.

Our mission is to bring the best of Japan directly to your doorstep.

The specialty of "Buyins" is that we work directly with local suppliers in Japan.

Ensure all items are genuine and provided to you at reasonable prices.

We know that the real pleasure of shopping comes from buying high-quality and valuable goods.

Therefore we promise to provide you with the best shopping experience.

At "Buyins", we are not just a shopping platform, but also a cultural bridge.

We hope to bring Japan's unique aesthetics and innovation to customers around the world through our carefully selected merchandise.

No matter where you are, with just a few simple clicks, you can enjoy a selection of goodies delivered directly from Japan.

Our mission is to make "Buyins" your first choice platform for experiencing and purchasing Japanese products.

Explore "Buyins" and start your shopping trip in Japan to experience unprecedented convenience and fun.

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Business content

​Product manufacturing, processing, wholesaling, domestic and international import/export, and wholesale/retail

Year, month and day of establishment

July 10, 2017

Representative name

Shiraishi Fujiko

Chiba Headquarters

1-4-3 Minato-cho, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan 301

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